Web Design

My priority as a web developer is to communicate my client's message clearly and elegantly. Whether working for an individual or a company, clarity, simplicity and unique, visually appealing design is important. I take pride in being able to bring form to my client's ideas and to that end I view the design as a collaboration. I listen carefully to the client and consider their suggestions and ideas. Design drafts are submitted to the client for their approval and any suggestions they have are incorporated before proceeding into the final stages of development.

On the technical side, I hand-code my sites to insure that the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is efficient, standards compliant and structurally sound. This insures that the site will load faster, retain its functionality in future browsers and have a consistent appearance across a wide variety of current browsers. I use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to generate the visual presentation of the site's elements and Javascript to create user interactivity and dynamic effects. If special effects or animation is required then I am versed in Flash and able to create and embed Flash objects into a website or if desired, create an entire site with Flash.